Little One of the Week | Everleigh

Our Little One of the Week is Everleigh. She is 16 months old.
Fun fact! Everleigh was born at 31 weeks. She was 3lbs at birth.
Her favorite things right now are her daddy and mommy, her brothers and sister (she is the baby of six), stuffed animals, and cuddly things, when her brothers sneak her lollipops and when she gets to open her KQ packages with momma (She gets excited!)
Everleigh is not talking, yet she only says a handful of words, but she has the most hilarious personality I've ever seen in a baby. Some cute/funny things she does are, sometimes if she's got something she isn't supposed to, I will come up to her and she will throw it to the side and crawl away as fast as she can. She loves Cocomelon and when she hears the intro song, she will stop everything she's doing and race in the direction of the music. When we get packages in the mail she jumps up and down on her knees and she will clap and yell and hit the box until I open it and then she will take each piece, look at it and then hold it up to her face and cuddle her new items.
Everleigh is currently in sizes 12-18 and 18-24.
A sure-fire way to make her happy is if daddy drops what he's doing and gives her loves and plays with her. She also loves playing dress-up, tickle time, giving hugs and kisses, getting attention from, and playing with her big brothers and her kitty named Sonny. Another of her favorite things to do is to go visit her great grandpa's house (she goes every week) and has great grandpa time, all of our mail goes there so that's where she opens her packages, he also loves Kate Quinn!
Right now, she's learning to walk (she's almost there!) How to use silverware when she eats and not throw her food on the floor. She's learning how to say new words right now, working on 'love you' and 'Coco'. 

"Everleigh was the little girl I never thought I'd have. I have four sons and her dad has a 10-year-old we have sometimes but my whole life, I've dreamed of having my sweet daughter that would be my best friend, and then I had my sweet baby. Our whole pregnancy, we had complications, and then she was born early. She’s been my sweet fighter and my strong little girl since the beginning I am so grateful to her, and this company gives me the chance to bond with my girl and participate in her favorite game of dress-up with your adorable and perfect outfits." - Rebecca (Everleigh's mom)