Little One of the Week | Lainey

Our Little One of the Week is Lainey. She is 6 months old.
Favorite things?
Be upside down, laugh and smile, talk, kick her legs, watch our dogs, chew everything.
Funniest moment?
She yells dramatically while using the bathroom.
What makes them happy?
Eating, mama and dad, blowing raspberries, being read to.
What are they being taught?
Sign language, sitting, and crawling.
"It was a long road to becoming parents. While we waited, I started buying Kate Quinn and stashing it for whoever our baby would be. Our world has been so much brighter since Lainey was placed in our arms. She's been wearing KQ since she was born and some of the prints have become such sentimental memories. Kate Quinn makes dressing our girl so much fun and we always get so many compliments on her outfits…. Even dad talks about how much he loves KQ."
- Caitlan (Lainey's mom)
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