Little One of the Week | Clara

Our Little One of the Week is Clara. She is 8 months old. 
Favorite things?
Clara's favorite activities are talking to momma and daddy, reading her Sesame Street book, and watching her fur siblings. 
Funniest moment?
Clara has become extremely vocal and loves to talk. However, when she’s talkative the most is when her doggy sits in front of her. She just becomes a little chatter box and belly laughs at him all day. We find it so adorable. 
What makes them happy?
Mrs. Rachel, her cat and dog, sweet potatoes and the Christmas trees at Costco.
What are they being taught?
 Clara is currently learning to sit unassisted and loves when her Auntie does sign language for her. 
"Clara was born with a congenital cataract and underwent surgery at just a few weeks old. She wears a contact lens daily and has daily rehab to make her vision stronger. We find all the fun patterns on Kate Quinn clothing really grab her interest and she stares at them the same way she does her high contrast toys. "
- Richele (Clara's mom)
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