Little One of the Week | Jameson

Our Little One of the Week is Jameson. He is 7 months old.
Jameson loves bath time and any of his toys that he can fit in his hands to play with. He enjoys being outside whether it's at our camp or in the boat. Oh and we can not forget about his love for his hats and sunglasses. This boy would wear his sunglasses and hats all day if he could.
He likes to copy his mama a lot and I get overly excited about little things. So right now once of his favorite things are to throw his hands up over his head and he waves them around while screaming "ahhhhhhhhhh" with a BIG smile on his face. I do the same thig with him but say "YAY". We laugh so hard at him. It is so funny and cute. Mama and him could sit there all day together and just laugh.
Jameson is currently in size 6-12. 
He loves kids and other babies. He literally screams with excitement because he is so happy especially when she sees all of his girl cousins. He loves to have a conversation in bed right when he wakes up every morning. Our dude LOVES his food. His eyes light up anytime our dogs come around and he always likes to share his food with one of them even if it's Tequila licking it right off his face. He loves to see his own reflection in the mirror and like to play rough. 
He just started crawling so now he is everywhere. He is currently learning how to wave bye bye. He is reaching for people he wants now. He has recently learned how to clap his hands when he is happy or excited. He is also learning how to eat certain foods on his own.
"Jameson is our miracle baby as we always say. He is such a beautiful blessing and is the happiest baby ever. I hope y'all enjoy some of his cute outfits. Majority of his closet is Kate Quinn. We are on the road a lot with my work and I love how soft the bamboo is on his skin."
- Shayna (Jameson's mom)