Little One of the Month | September 2018

We would love to introduce our first ever Little One of the Month, Luka! He is a little over 4 months and we hear his favorite thing right now is bath time. He’s learning to turn over on his own and loves it when mama sings “you are my sunshine”. I mean seriously, can you say baby fever?

photo by @loveliax

We are often asked where our "babies" come from. The answer is always customers and friends. When @loveliax tagged cute little Luka on INSTAGRAM in one of the looks she purchased we took notice. Not only is he adorable (as all babies naturally are), Luka's mama is super sweet and even let us put one of their photos together on our cards that go out in all your orders. She takes amazing images and did I say SUPER SWEET. Here they are below and Luka is wearing our famous bunny footie jumpsuit from the WOODS collection.

photo by @loveliax or someone really close to her and Luka :)

We love seeing our customer's photos and love it when you tag @katequinn_organics. We try to feature images as long as you are okay with us sharing when it makes sense for our product, promotions or even just a story or reflection we want to focus on. Not only do we love seeing your little ones in their new Kate Quinn and the WOODS looks, we also love when your orders are shot in different ways like Lia did below.

Have we said LOVE enough?

Image @loveliax

So please feel free to mention or tag us as much as you like. Your tags are how you can get your baby or child in the running for Little One of the Month. If you are interested in being an influencer just get started by tagging us and we will reach out as we have opportunities that fit. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at

As always happy shopping and we can't wait to see your photos!