Little One of the Month | May 2019

This is baby James Costello. He has been chosen as our adorable Little One of the Month for May. We love this image of him in our sold out soft beach modal classic footie in green fern print. This sweet picture was shared by his mom Nora, @nora_burke_costello and we couldn't be happier to share it with all of you.

James was born May 4th, 2019 (only fitting to have him be featured on his birthing month!) and is almost 6 weeks old. He came 2 weeks early in the middle of the night weighing in at 6 pounds. We are certain he couldn't wait to meet his mamma!

His favorite activities include being swaddled and held close to mom. James also puts the "little" in little brother by not quite weighing what his big brother did when he was born! We can't wait to see what James and his brother are up to as they both grow :)

Don't forget to tag your little ones on Instagram in their Kate Quinn looks. This is how we find our inspirations for Little One of the Month. If chosen, you will receive $50 to shop our store!