Spring Mama Goose

This print is part of our Chickadee + Moth Matchback Collection


We hosted a print design contest, which led to a fantastic collaboration with Abi. Abi's skilled hand brought this print to life, and we're thrilled to unveil this special release to you!

 Abi and her husband are biological, foster, and adoptive parents raising six sweet sons and a daughter. About the mother goose print, Abi wrote:

 “The more I become involved with the foster and adoptive world, and the more I learn as my own family changes and grows, I have become aware of how important it is for the children to know that families do not have to match. We might not look alike or have the same last name or the same stories, but we are still a family. I love how Kate Quinn often shares adorable animal families and I have thought for a while how sweet it would be to have a mismatched animal family to represent those who are, temporarily or permanently, an important piece of something beautiful and strong.”

 5% of proceeds from the mother goose print sales during our launch merge window will go to Falcon Children’s Home. You can read more about Abi and Falcon Children’s Home below :

 Abi's family has a special connection with Falcon Children's Home, a local sanctuary for children unable to reside with their families due to various reasons, including the scarcity of foster homes in the area or complex diagnoses due to trauma where children may require extra care. This haven not only offers a nurturing environment for these children but also extends support to pregnant teens and foster families like Abi's own. While Abi's family is no longer directly involved with Falcon Children's Home, they remain intertwined with the foster and adoptive community, which indirectly led them to their beloved son, whom they are in the process of adopting privately. Now 6, he became a part of their lives when he was just 4, and they cherish the open adoption relationship they share with his biological family. Abi and her husband hope to offer their love and support to another child if the need arises in the future. The stark reality remains that in their area alone, over 1500 children require either temporary or permanent care, yet there are fewer than 50 licensed foster homes available.

 If you'd like to support Falcon Children's Home, you can donate here: www.falconchildrenshome.org/donate