sizing, care + fabric

General Information


Please note, these are our general recommendations for fit of Kate Quinn styles, but we cannot guarantee that every item will fit every body type the same. Our styles may fit differently by fabrics. We recommend reading the below and sizing up if ever in doubt.
CHILDREN APPAREL:  Industry standard is to use age as the size, but it is important to keep in mind that like adults, every baby is built different.
DESIGN FIT NOTES: We strive to make special notes on the product page on styles if they are running smaller or larger than our average sizing.
COMPARING FABRICS: We do not recommend comparing styles within different fabrics. Each fabric is unique and reacts differently in production and fit. When you lay the same style out in one fabric, it is not necessarily going to look exact to the same style in another fabric.
SWIM: Our swim line follows the same industry standards as our childrens apparel, but it is important to keep in mind that like adults, every baby is built different.

New Size Chart Release:

We recently reviewed and updated our sizing charts to ensure they continue to align with our apparel and merchandise.  Please take time to look over our new size guidelines.  Although not much has changed, we want you to feel confident when choosing the best size for you and your family. 

As we continue evolve and strive to deliver the best product to you, please take time to become familiar with our sizing, care & fabrics page.


Our products are steamed and folded prior to being packaged and shipped. As a result, sometimes the fabric can develop lines or indentions from the way it’s folded and after the first wash, these marks should disappear. Washing instructions are printed on the reverse side of the label inside each of our garments.

  • Turn the garment inside out to wash and dry.
  • Normal wash cycle is at cold water wash (30°C/65°-85°F)
  • Use mild laundry soap (non-toxic, biodegradable types preferred).
  • Fabric softener is not advised
  • Do not use any type of bleach as it will fade the colors and weaken the garments’ fiber strength.
  • Remove garments immediately after wash cycle completes.
  • Normal tumble dry at the low heat setting (55°C/125°F) if desired.
  • Expect Garment shrinkage: 3-5%
  • Sterilize before first using by putting teether in boiling water for 2-3 minutes
  • The teether is also dishwasher safe or can be hand washed with hot water and soap.
  • Warning: Never leave a child unattended while using this product. Inspect the entire product for signs of tears, wears or cracks and test the security of the teether by tugging firmly before giving it to the baby. All teethers wear out with normal use. Discard and replace product at first sign of tear, cracks, weakness or damage.

Fabric Specifics

Our viscose from bamboo fabrics has the most give and stretch and are a non-organic semisynthetic textile. Highly breathable, stretchy fabric. We use two different blend combinations: 96% bamboo viscose / 4% Lycra and 95% bamboo viscose/ 5% Lycra. Our loyal customers have shared that they prefer to line dry bamboo. Fabric softener is not advised to prevent piling.
Beechwood Modal: 
Modal fabric is buttery soft and provides give and stretch and is a non-organic semisynthetic textile made from 96% modal and 4% Lycra. Fabric softener is not advised to prevent piling.
Organic Cotton Interlock:
Made from the softest 100% organic cotton interlock material. Interlock is a soft cotton and has good stretch without Lycra. Interlock is a durable knit fabric.
Organic Cotton Jersey:
Made from the 100% organic cotton material. This fabric should fit to our general brand standards but does not have stretch.
Slub Jersey:
Slub knit/ jersey is made with slub yarn (usually cotton yarn or other natural yarn). Spinners  twist the fibers together to create yarn, and different thicknesses would appear uneven on the finished garment, known as 'a slub'.
Organic Cotton Wovens:
Made from 100% organic cotton woven material. Our organic cotton woven fabrics such as gauze have no stretch. These are sized consistently with our line, but occasionally if we have a style that needs a little extra room, we will adjust the style to accommodate.
Organic Cotton Velour:
Made from the softest 100% organic cotton velour material. Organic cotton velour has no Lycra added so is not super stretchy. In order to create the best fit for our velour styles, some will be modified in length and width to accommodate for the fabric within that style. 
Made from 100% organic cotton material.  Sherpa is soft and fluffy; Sherpa is a knit fabric. The material gives any product a cozier feel and has two sides. One is the stitched curly side with a soft and fluffy texture, and the other side is a smooth knit shell.
Made from 97% organic cotton 3% Lycra. Corduroy is a textile with a distinctive texture—a raised "cord" or wale. Corduroy is thick, durable, ridged, and cozy.
Made from 100% organic cotton, Fleece is made by weaving very fine fibers into a light fabric, which is then brushed into the fluffy, thick fabric. Cotton fleece is also breathable while keeping you warm.
Organic Cotton Terry:
Cotton terry is a pile fabric with uncut loops on both sides; used to make bath towels and bath robes. Cotton terry is absorbent, quick drying and cozzy.
Organic Skinny Rib:
Made from a 96% organic cotton and 4% spandex stretchy skinny rib material. Our organic cotton skinny rib is a thicker cozy knit with a skinny rib texture. Due to the nature of the fabric and the cut of the material, they are cut to standard but may be a slightly a bit larger than a bamboo or a jersey.
Organic Stretchy Wide Rib:
Made from 93% organic cotton and 7% Lycra rib material. We love the stretch and flexibility of this fabric.  At first glance, these styles may look different or even smaller or skinnier than the same style in another fabric. This is normal. Due the nature of the rib fabric, it expands when on and contracts when off.
Organic Cotton Pointelle:
Made from the softest 100% organic cotton material. Organic pointelle is a lightweight cotton fabric with an intricate eyelet detailing design.
Made from 81% Polyester 19% Spandex OKEO-TEX certified fabric. CARE NOTE: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low and wash with like colors.
** Hand Wash Only **
Africa Hand Sewn Woven:
Made from 100% organic cotton woven fabric. Our woven fabric has no stretch. These pieces are also hand made by a group of local village women in Kenya and each one will be unique, no two garments are the same.
Africa Hand Knits and Crochets:
Made from 100% organic cotton yarns. These yarns are extremely soft, and each little item is hand made by a group of local village women in Kenya. Each item is unique. These are heirloom type pieces that should be handled with care. Drying is not recommended.
We also gladly will take unwashed, unworn items back to issue store credit if you are not happy with the fit.